What a morning! I am sitting here at my computer, enjoying a lovely cup of coffee and watching my cat keep watch over his spot through the window. I'm a bit tired and a bit apprehensive, but damn it is time.

For just over a year now, I have been bumbling on about this idea called "bplus." It has taken many forms and explored a variety of themes, and honestly, I have not answered all of the questions I wish were known prior to publishing this journey. But what the hell. The point of bplus is to acknowledge that life is best lived at b plus. We don't need to be perfect and hope not to always fail, but both are a part of life and hopefully average out to a solid b plus. (I'll share a post later about how I walked a weird and wonky journey to get to this idea.)

I hope bplus to be a space to share stories about the realities we face in our lives- stories about how we come to understand each other's experiences of their body, stories of grief and loss, stories of being bold and claiming space, stories of food, and anything else along the way. I want to learn about the dirt you carry on your shoes, and show how I got some of the scuff marks on mine. Ours are memories and stories and moments worth acknowledging. I am excited to get to know you, to become friends, and send virtual hugs.

So, in ignoring the slew of excuses that continue to bump around in my mind as to why today is not the day, I'm opening the door and walking outside.

Welcome to my kitchen, let's take a seat and have a chat.

Miss B